The Jesus Course

“Why do good people suffer?” “How can I know if God exists?” “Who is Jesus anyway?”

The Jesus Course is returning for a second time to New Life Church in Greenwich, to look at some of these questions and help people to discover more about the answers to life that are found by knowing Jesus. We have discovered that it really is through knowing him that we can understand life and face everything that comes our way. We want to offer others the chance to discover this too.

Stephen McArdle, who has written this brilliant course, says:

“The Jesus Course is an excellent introduction to what it means to follow Jesus. The course is open to everyone interested in knowing more, irrespective of what they do or don’t believe. It will last for 5 weeks and each week has food and music mixed in with a short talk and discussion groups.”

The Jesus Course launches on Friday 7th November, 7.30pm. The venue is the New Life Building in East Greenwich – see our Calendar for more details.