Life After Ebola Fundraising Concert

LAE concertThough the media spotlight has moved away from West Africa and the terrible ebola crisis that has hit Sierra Leone and other nations, it remains a very real and deeply traumatic issue for all those affected by it. The disease continues to be an issue; but another rises on the back of it Рan inflation in food prices leaving many families in dire need.

Christian Life Fellowship, in Greenwich, are well connected with churches in Sierra Leone, and they want to do something about this. In February they hosted a successful fundraising concert; now they are putting on a second on 18th April, 6-8pm at Christ Church in East Greenwich. You can find out more from their event page here.

We as New Life have the privilege of being involved – our worship team will be opening the evening with a short time of worship! We are really excited and blessed to be a part of this and pray that a generous fund will be raised which will have a deep impact on the communities that CLF are working with.

Tickets are £10 each which goes straight into the Ebola fund that CLF are raising. We will be announcing this and selling tickets over the coming Sundays.