Welcome Greenwich Students of 20-21!

At New Life we love students! It’s a privilege to support students in every area: all the way through from discipleship and growth in Jesus and hosting some scrummy student lunches to helping out with any tricky areas of your academic studies. We run a weekly student get-together for students to touch base, build friendships, pray together and encounter Jesus in the Bible. New Life is linked to Fusion and we use lots of their amazing material and ideas when we meet together.

 Stories from Greenwich Graduates

“Being a student at New Life has been fantastic! I was so blessed to find New Life within the first month of being at Trinity. It was so wonderful having such a friendly, encouraging, God filled group of people supporting me and they have ALWAYS been there over my 4 years as a student! Highlights would have to be my baptism and student teas and coffees till 3am on the streets of Greenwich! :)”